Johannes Burge

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Office: Suite 312C (215) 573 6528

Department of Psychology

Vision Science Program, UC Berkeley

Stanford University

Center for Perceptual Systems, UT Austin

Vision systems

Natural Scenes


PhD in Vision Science    ( Advisor: Marty Banks )

BA in Psychology, Minor in Mathematics


July, 2011:       

August, 2011:   

Post-doctoral researcher ( Advisor: Bill Geisler )

Lecture and one-day workshop on natural scene statistics, statistical methods, and current research at Ludwig Maximilians Universitat in Munich, Germany. Thanks to Paul MacNeilage for having me!

Presented on optimal defocus estimation in model human visual systems at the Imaging Systems and Applications, Optical Society of America conference in Toronto, Canada

April, 2011:       

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Uploaded Matlab implementation of new method for dimensionality reduction:

Accuracy Maximization Analysis (AMA)

Book chapter published in Sensory Cue Integration

Cooper EA, Burge J, Banks MS (2011).

The vertical horopter is not adaptable but it may be adaptive.

Journal of Vision, 11(3) 20: 1-19. [ pdf ]

Banks MS, Burge J, & Held R (2011).

The statistical relationship between depth, visual cues, and human perception.

In: Sensory Cue Integration (Eds Trommershauser J, Kording KP, Landy M) Oxford University Press

Article published in Journal of Vision

Provisional Patent filed on method for imaged-based optimal defocus estimation in digital imaging systems (Provisional Patent 22084-P069)

February, 2011: 

October, 2011:   

Paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Burge J & Geisler WS (2011).

Optimal defocus estimation in individual natural images.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108 (40): 16849-16854 [ pdf ]

September, 2011:

PNAS article covered by Science Daily

PNAS article covered by Fast Company, Wired, Science Magazine

Deciphering the brain's autofocus mechanism. Science Magazine, October 7, 2011

January, 2012:   

Paper published in the Proceedings of the IS&T/SPIE Conference on Electronic Imaging

Burge J & Geisler WS (2012).

Optimal defocus estimates from individual images for autofocusing a digital camera.

Proceedings of the SPIE, 8299, 82990: E1-E12, January: Burlingame, CA [ pdf ]

November, 2011:

PNAS article covered by Scientific American

Algorithm for estimating focus error covered by The Guardian Observer and Popular Photography

Autofocus and the importance of 'defocusing'. The Guardian Observer, January 15, 2011

SPIE paper wins the Digital Photography VIII best paper award. Award sponsored by Canon USA, Inc.

February, 2012:

Presented on optimal disparity estimation in natural stereo-images at the CoSyNe annual meeting

Presented on optimally estimating focus error for autofocusing a DSLR camera at IS&T/SPIE meeting

June, 2012:   

Presented at an inter-disciplinary conference titled "Perception, Representation, and Objectivity: Themes from Tyler Burge" in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference was centered on my father's

recent book titled "Origins of Objectivity"

September, 2012:

"Optimal disparity estimation in natural stereo-images" has been submitted

August, 2012:   

"Binocular integration and disparity selectivity in mouse primary visual cortex" has been submitted

May, 2013:   

Paper published in Journal of Neurophysiology

Scholl B, Burge J & Priebe NJ (2013).

Binocular integration and disparity selectivity in mouse primary visual cortex

Journal of Neurophysiology, 109, 3013-3024 [ pdf ]

August, 2013:   

Accepted tenure-track faculty position at the University of Pennsylvania!

Starting date: July 1, 2014

March, 2013:   

Presented on optimal motion estimation in natural image movies at the CoSyNe annual meeting

September, 2013:

"Characterizing the effects of stimulus and neural variability on perceptual performance", a chapter

for the next edition of the Gazzaniga text book series, has been submitted

October, 2013:

Image published in Nature, News & Views article

"Through the eyes of a mouse" Nature, 502:156-158

Download article: [pdf] Download original image: [pdf]

February, 2014:

Paper published in Journal of Vision

Burge J & Geisler WS (2014).

Optimal disparity estimation in natural stereo-images

Journal of Vision, 14(2):1, 1-18 [ pdf ]

Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor        

Presented on using natural image movies to determine optimal processing for speed estimation at the Annual Interdisciplinary Conference (AIC) in Jackson Hole, WY

Optimal focus error estimation performance determined for individual images in a popular smart phone.

    See the 'Patents' page for a technical document demonstrating performance

December, 2013:

Patent published on method for optimally estimating focus error in individual images.

Patent Publication No. US-2013-0329122-A1

March, 2014:

Presented on 3D surface tilt estimation from image cue gradients at the CoSyNe annual meeting

UT Austin OTC Tech report profiles algorithm for estimating focus error in cell phone cameras

    See the 'Press' page for a link to the article

April, 2014:

Presented on how human speed discrimination with naturalistic movies can be predicted with an ideal observer model at the Natural Environments, Tasks, and Intelligence (NETI) mini-conference at UT Austin

Presented on estimating 3D surface tilt from image cue gradients at the Vision Sciences Society

May, 2014:

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First day in the office at the University of Pennsylvania!

July, 2014:

Post-doctoral research position available now! Contact me to apply

August, 2014:

Three abstracts submitted to the OSA Fall Vision Meeting

August, 2014:

University of Pennsylvania

Lab:    Suite 320C